1. Interview
    We always start by asking targeted questions about your system. This way we get an idea of difficulties you face and we know where to focus immediately.
  2. Data collection
    We then gather all the information we need to perform a thorough analysis. Here we rely primarily on the information from the data management views of SQL Server.
  3. Analyse
    On the collected data, we carry out an analysis of the best practices of Microsoft. The result gives us a clear idea which system improvements are possible and desirable for you.
  4. Presentation
    Based on the analysis results, we propose a document that we completely discuss with you during a presentation. We explain all system issues clearly, and show how they can be fixed. Of course we also answer all questions. The document analysis we then mail to everyone who was present during the presentation.
  5. Implementation
    Finally, you have the choice to implement the proposed system changes yourself or let them be implemented by our Microsoft certified consultants